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ENGIE Energy Access


ENGIE Energy Access Nigeria offers expandable solar home systems, providing lighting, phone charging, TV, radio and more, financed through affordable instalments via mobile money (MTN Momo, Quickteller and Paga). We enable those seeking clean, off-grid energy to access both power upgrades and other life-changing loans.

We are stronger together

We started out in Nigeria in 2018 as Fenix International and have since benefited more than 25,000 customers with our clean energy, impacting over 125,000 lives.

In 2020, the ENGIE Group brought us together with Mobisol and ENGIE PowerCorner to form ENGIE Energy Access. We are even stronger together and are scaling up across Africa as we prepare to launch our expanded product range, MySol.

With currently over 150 employees in more than 40 shops across the country, our Nigeria team is dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience, while our high quality products (designed in the United States and Germany) ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

MySol is the new brand name that will replace what is known today as Fenix and Mobisol. Following the integration of Fenix International, Mobisol and PowerCorner to form ENGIE Energy Access, the company is creating an expanded product range by combining Fenix and Mobisol products.

MySol offers you the same high quality products you know and trust, but with more options to choose from.

Once you decide to buy a Fenix Power System, please visit one of our service centers across the country to purchase one or, call our toll fee number 0 800 336 4946 and our sales team will take your contact information; after you will receive a customer assessment call for system eligibility and a product will be delivered to you.

Please carry a valid ID with you.

Payments are made easily through mobile money platforms

  • Paga *242#
  • Quickteller*322#
  • MTN MoMo agent *223#

NOTE: Our agents/ staff are not authorized to receive any payment.

Yes! You will have full ownership of your independent power source after paying off your system loan completely. You will only need to make payments again if you take on an upgrade (additional loan).

In case your system has an issue, you can call our customer service team on 0 800 336 4946 for assistance - free of charge.

In the rare case that your problem cannot be solved remotely, we shall assign one of our technicians to visit your home, diagnose the system issue and solve it onsite or advice on the necessary repairs.

Yes! Our clean energy empowers you to generate extra income. For example, by charging your neighbors’ phones or using our large TV for public live football match streaming.

Also, we reward those recommending our system and services through a referral commission for every new customer who made their purchase decision based on your recommendation.

Of course you can. You can find the nearest service center to you, walk in and make payment. We advise customers to pay through MTN MoMo which is more convenient.

Yes, but only if your solar system battery is damaged or missing.

If you’re experiencing issues with your TV, you can call our customer service team on 0 800 336 4946 for assistance - free of charge.

They will help troubleshoot and in the rare case that your problem cannot be solved remotely, you’ll be advised to visit the nearest service center location.

Customer hotline & shop locations

Customer hotline & shop locations

Customers please call our hotline 0 800 336 4946 (toll free) You can find your nearest shop and service centre here

Join the ENGIE Energy Access family! #OneTeam

Join us in our mission to improve lives throughout Africa with our clean, affordable and innovative solar energy solutions.

Join the ENGIE Energy Access family! #OneTeam

Office location

ENGIE Energy Access - Nigeria

855 Bishop Aboyade Cole Street

Victoria Island