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Our solutions
Quality products that last

Our solutions

We have worked as pioneers at the forefront of the solar revolution in Africa for over a decade. From basic solar lighting kits to mini-grids powering villages, we deliver the benefits of solar energy to meet customers where they are. We help them climb the energy ladder through fair pricing plans paid in installments via mobile money.

Enabling sustainable & reliable clean energy

Off-grid families use kerosene oil lamps and candles for basic energy needs. As well as being expensive over the long term, this carbon-based fuel damages health and causes fatal fires.

Households on the grid depend on expensive diesel generators to back up unstable service. Those who can access low-quality solar products suffer from unreliability due to lack of after-sales care. These challenges drive our commitment to offering a sustainable, reliable and clean alternative.

Enabling sustainable & reliable clean energy
Benefits of solar energy

Benefits of solar energy

More than 9 million people have benefited from increased health and prosperity thanks to our solar energy solutions.

With MySol, we offer the widest range of PAYGo solar home systems throughout Africa and our certified and quality assured kits have been proven in the field since 2011. They are designed in the United States and Germany to be durable, and our warranties ensure the Best Solar Best Life.

Our mini-grids, designed to the highest standards, are perfect for connecting thousands of customers in remote communities, helping them to become self-sufficient, sustainable and more productive.

Software for PAYGo

Paygee, our innovative, inhouse-developed software suite, allows entrepreneurs to kickstart a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGo) business and run last-mile distribution for any product worldwide, while giving true visibility on customer behavior.

The suite has been proven for over 11 years, with more than 1.6 million devices managed via the platform. A dedicated support team helps sales agents and technicians across global markets in more than 25 countries and advises on optimizing operations.

The built-in technician app means technical issues can be resolved quickly and remotely.

Software for PAYGo

Our MySol product range

We offer the widest range of PAYGo solar home systems throughout Africa. Our high-quality energy solutions cover home and business needs from 10W to 200W.

MySol Product Range

Powering every off-grid energy need

From families lighting up for the first time with solar, to entrepreneurs running businesses of all sizes, and self-sufficient remote villages catering to every family and facility in their locality, we’ve got all ends of the off-grid spectrum covered. Check out some examples below of how our solutions support customers.

Our solutions’ key benefits

  • Long-term investment: our solar home systems are paid off in affordable instalments. At the end of the payment period, the customer owns the system. This is far more environmentally sustainable and cost-effective than the unlimited costs of carbon-based energy.
  • Premium quality: our innovative designs have been tried and tested in the field for homes and businesses.
  • 24/7 energy: our reliable systems come with free of charge and exceptional after-sales service as standard so that customers stay connected.
  • The local touch: our call centers are located in customer regions and offer support in local languages.
  • Long-term guarantee: our warranty ensures peace of mind and customer satisfaction.
  • Increasing prosperity: our solar home systems offer clean energy for entrepreneurs on all levels to establish solar-powered business to boost their income.
  • Empowering communities: the system allows the business to run on clean energy, while our upgrades include hair clippers, fridges, stereos and TVs that can be used to offer more value.
  • Decentralized solar PV energy at a large scale: smart electricity meters connect households, local businesses and public services such as schools and healthcare centers to our reliable, affordable and renewable mini-grid electricity. They can be used standalone or integrated with solar home systems.
  • Access to appliances: our efficient appliances, which are available through cash purchase or lease-to-own, help entrepreneurs to set up businesses and improve quality of life at home. They include fridges, cookers, welders, compressors, milling machines and much more.
  • Life-enhancing services: we offer extra services such as access to internet and electric mobility. These services are easily managed and paid for digitally via tools such as mobile money, PAYGo, remote monitoring and data analysis.
  • Capacity building: we support existing and future entrepreneurs to develop key skills, such as customer care, marketing, bookkeeping and business analysis.
  • Safety training: our local operators are available to educate customers on electricity use and dangers, as well as appliance handling. Learn more about our PowerCorner mini-grids [link to website].
  • Learn more about our PowerCorner mini-grids.

Our partners

We work with a range of organizations, both on a global and local level, to support our mission of scaling up energy access throughout Africa.