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We exist to change lives
About us

We exist to change lives

We set the benchmark for off-grid solar in Africa. With the broadest range of renewable energy products and services available on the continent, we cover every customer need, while protecting the environment and accelerating the green energy transition. We are passionately inclusive so that our innovative solutions remain affordable – while performing to the highest level. As part of ENGIE, we are the long-term partner to Africa for its growing population's energy needs.

Meeting Africa’s challenge

Access to electricity is a human right. Yet over 600 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa lack access to clean, safe and affordable energy. Many families have to rely on dangerous, dirty energy sources like kerosene or unreliable energy products with no after-sales care. We are changing this, one household at a time.

ENGIE Energy Access empowers people
Renewable energy is the future

Renewable energy is the future

We deliver premium quality and affordable solar energy to millions of people throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

With Africa’s population predicted to double by 2050, including a growing middle class requiring a more energy-intensive lifestyle, we are working hard to reach the last mile.

Our customer-centric approach and productive use solutions equip remote, off-grid households to break the cycle of energy poverty and build a brighter future.

Our guiding principles

Our Mission: Deliver life-changing, affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions with exceptional customer experience.

Our Purpose: Improve quality of life and economic potential of grid-deficient communities.

Our Ambition: Be a leading decentralized energy company that impacts 20 million lives by 2025.

Our guiding principles

The journey to transformation

We are pioneers in clean energy. We saw that the connections between mobile connectivity, solar PV accessibility and financial technology offered the answer to solving the global challenge of connecting communities living far from the electricity grid.

We worked at the forefront of the solar revolution for several years – developing our skills in 3 leading off-grid companies: Fenix International, Mobisol and ENGIE PowerCorner.

In 2020, the ENGIE Group brought us together into one unified entity so that we can deliver even more transformation to global communities. And so ENGIE Energy Access was born.

Scaling up with ENGIE

ENGIE is a global energy leader that has been supporting communities' energy needs for over 200 years. The Group has extensive experience in Africa, having been active on the continent for more than 50 years, and started researching extending energy access to all in 2018.

With the combined forces of our pioneering teams’ expertise, the broad range of our three product portfolios, and the backing of ENGIE – we are scaling up to be at the forefront of change. Learn more about ENGIE.

Meet our customers

Providing an exceptional customer experience is central to our work. It’s in our DNA: from how we build our teams to how we structure our operations.

Adjoua from Côte d’Ivoire

Adjoua is a seamstress and mother of one from Côte d’Ivoire. Since she signed up to our solar home system, she has found that it helps her to manage her business and her home life much more easily.

“Before, when there was no power, I could not work well and had to stop working around 5pm because of the darkness,” she says. “Now that I have light at work I can stop working at the time I want and once I arrive home, in the evening, I can do the housework easily. I can also watch TV with my children.

“All this makes me very happy, especially the possibility of staying up to finish the work in order to satisfy my customers.”

Adjoua from Côte d’Ivoire
Mr Okello from Kenya

Mr Okello from Kenya

Mr Okello lives in northern Kenya. He owns four small businesses – a tailoring center, grocery store, mobile-charging station and barber shop – that are all run by a single 200W solar home system.

Acquiring the solar-powered haircutter allowed him to open his barbershop, and with the mobile charger, he can charge 10 customers’ phones simultaneously.

Mr Okello explains: “I love that I make money with my solar system and can pay off the installments with what I earn. The system was installed right after I signed up – and if there are any problems I can just call the hotline and they will send a technician to fix the issue.”