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Big Opportunities with Solar Systems

MySol Boss

MySol Boss

The MySol Boss is all-in-one standalone solar energy system of 3kW, 5kW or 8kW capacity.

Our tailor-made green energy solution tackles the energy obstacles faced by households, institutions, and small businesses lacking grid access or those dependent on generators. Moreover, MySol boss demonstrates exceptional performance in residential Energy Storage System (ESS) applications, particularly in regions where the grid remains stable but electricity expenses are elevated. By optimizing self-consumption through solar energy, it significantly diminishes electricity expenditures. All systems are expertly assembled, tested, and shipped as a complete system.

Time to celebrate: MySol Boss is coming soon!

Each unit seamlessly integrates an all-in-one solar inverter, lithium battery modules, local monitoring device, and power distributions into an IP-54 cabinet. Right out of the box, easy to install and the all-in-one design streamlines the process to save installation time.

MySol Boss is designed to accommodate daily power consumption of up to 60.48kWh and offers the flexibility of a parallel connection for up to 3 units in single phase (24kW) or three phase (8kW), to better meet diverse energy needs.

Time to celebrate: MySol Boss is coming soon!
  • All-in-One Design: Quick <30-minute cabinet installation.
  • Factory Assembled and Tested: Hassle-free setup and peace of mind
  • IP54 Protection: Durable for outdoor use (avoid direct exposure to sunlight).
  • Strong Surge Capability: Handles electrical surges and heavy loads with ease.
  • AGS Function: Automatically starts and stops the generator based on load levels, battery status, or predefined time periods, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.
  • Power Assist Function: Uses battery power to assist in powering the heavy loads under limited AC source.
  • ESS Capability: Supports ESS - Energy Storage System functionality to maximize self-consumption and reduce electricity bills.
  • 2 MPPT Trackers: Included in 5kW and 8kW models.
  • Programmable Smart Port: Available in 5kW and 8kW models.
  • Leakage Protection: Ensures safety with a leakage protect function on the AC output.
  • Local Monitoring: LCD Monitor for system monitoring and control.
  • Remote Monitoring: Web & mobile App (MySol Explore) for system remote monitoring and control.

System Schematic: PC + Mobile (Remote Monitoring)