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ENGIE Energy Access Nigeria partners with Hinckley Group for battery recycling

ENGIE Energy Access Nigeria partners with Hinckley Group for battery recycling

Lagos, Nigeria - 1 August 2021

ENGIE Energy Access in Nigeria, the country’s leading clean and sustainable energy solutions provider, has partnered with Hinckley Group, the first formally registered e-waste recycling facility in Nigeria, to support with battery recycling.

The agreement, which was signed in June, will involve the recycling of old and end-of-use batteries to minimize environmental pollution caused by inappropriate disposal of old Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.

Africa’s battery market is projected to grow considerably in the coming years, driven by the global transition towards cleaner fuels. Recycling and repurposing towards a sustainable battery supply chain is part of ENGIE Energy Access’s environmental commitment.

As well as protecting the environment, this partnership will also help to reduce production costs and ensure that competitively priced products are available for purchase as recycling of waste batteries will lead to recovery and re-usage of some of the raw materials.

Since 2018, ENGIE Energy Access Nigeria has impacted the lives of more than 200,000 Nigerians who lacked access to clean, affordable and reliable energy. The Nigeria operations were part of Fenix International before its integration into the ENGIE Group, alongside Mobisol and ENGIE PowerCorner under the unified ENGIE Energy Access organization in 2020.

Mr Cardoso added: “Our integration into the ENGIE Group has allowed us to scale even faster and wider across Nigeria. With this growth comes the need to implement sustainable methods of recycling and disposing of end-of-use batteries, and this partnership with the Hinckley Group addresses the issue.”


About Hinckley Group

Hinckley Group, through its recycling division based in Lagos, provides end-of-life battery solutions that it delivers to a diverse client base to help reduce business costs, improve safety and prevent environmental pollution and human harm caused by hazardous electric waste.

For more, please visit: https://hinckley.com.ng/recycling/

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