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MySol Grid
Our Mini-grid Solution

MySol Grid

MySol Grid (formerly ENGIE PowerCorner) started in 2015 as an incubation project within the ENGIE Group. In March 2016 we commissioned our first 16 kWp mini-grid unit in Ketumbeine, a remote village in Northern Tanzania, powering 120 houses and businesses. This case clearly demonstrated that decentralised, clean and reliable energy is a viable option in remote rural areas. Since then, MySol Grid is developing its activities in Sub-Sahara Africa with the ambition to give access to energy to millions of people in Africa. As ENGIE Energy Access we are proudly combining mini-grids with modular solar home systems as a unique, integrated business offering.

MySol Grid produces reliable, clean and productive energy and provides affordable energy services, easily accessible to isolated populations. Our production installation is connected via smart electricity meters to several thousands of users:

  • Small industries and workshops (tailoring, welding, woodwork, agribusiness, etc.),
  • Public services (schools, health centres, water pumps, telecom infrastructures),
  • Businesses (beauty salons, shops & restaurants, cinemas),
  • Families and individuals

Our MySol Grids


16 MySol Grids

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330 MySol Grids

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Mini-grid of the Year

Lolwe Island

Technical set-up

Our MySol Grids combine solar energy, mobile money, pre-paid smart energy meters, access to efficient appliances and social engagement to offer a compelling service to its customers.

By providing entrepreneurs with new opportunities to develop their activities and launch new ones, MySol Grid unlocks the economic potential of the communities and enables a quick enhancement of the living conditions.

Technical set-up

Promoting Women’s Representation in Leadership Positions (Case Study)

Over the course of 2019 to 2021, MySol Grid was taking part in a study conducted by the Energy2Equal program by IFC that aims to expand women’s access to jobs, leadership positions, and entrepreneurial opportunities in corporate value chains within the renewable energy space.

During these two years, MySol Grid committed to increasing the share of women in its management positions.

Promoting Women’s Representation in Leadership Positions (Case Study)

Welcome to Ketumbeine!

Discover how MySol Grid is implemented in the village of Ketumbeine in Tanzania with the interactive video

Note: ENGIE PowerCorner is the former name of our mini-grids entity. Since 2022 we operate under the name MySol Grid.

Our MySol Grid project pipeline

Our short-term (by 2024) pipeline of MySol Grid projects will scale through pilots to de-risk new country developments, bilateral collaborations, participation in tenders or RBF programs.

Country selection criteria depends on the existence of a sufficiently large market potential for Mini-Grids in the country, a supportive regulatory framework and the openness for private investors and the availability of subsidies.

ENGIE Equatorial: The future of distributed energy access

The Lolwe mini-grid, developed by ENGIE Equatorial, is a fully integrated multi-utility, going beyond electricity towards holistic service delivery. The project addresses the urgent need of the local population that was lacking access to energy, clean water and much more.

Beyond delivering affordable, reliable and renewable electricity, the Lolwe mini-grid features a productive hub that transforms raw material into value adding products, addressing basic needs that are currently insufficiently met on the islands and reinforcing the Project’s business case.

An electric mobility proposition for fishing boats and motorcycles completes the green energy enabled infrastructure integration on the site, for the benefit of users. Finally, ENGIE Equatorial is also providing business incubation and asset financing services to empower the growth of local businesses.

ENGIE Equatorial: The future of distributed energy access

The Lolwe project is a truly scalable model – matching green infrastructure and ICT innovation for delivery of real impact - the beginning of a “mini-grid 2.0” model that delivers more for investors and communities alike and is a significant milestone and benchmark for the energy access space.

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