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ENGIE Energy Access underlines its ambition to turn MySol into a strong, Panafrican brand.

Continues expanding decentralized energy offering following successful roll-out of its off-grid strategy | Impacting over 8 million people in 9 countries with BestSolar BestLife | ENGIE PowerCorner is now MySol Grid.

ENGIE Energy Access is pleased to announce that as of now it is delivering safe and reliable solar energy to + 8 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa within 2 years of integrating its decentralized energy businesses,

Last year EEA began gradually rolling out its new solar home system (SHS) customer brand, MySol, which is now firmly established in the 9 countries where it operates. With MySol, EEA offers the widest range of PAYGo SHS throughout Africa and caters to all kinds of customers, from off-grid families lighting up with clean energy for the first time, to entrepreneurs running businesses of all sizes.

MySol Grid, will be as of now the new brand name for ENGIE PowerCorner, ENGIE’s mini-grid solution that is bringing off-grid energy to small industries, public services, businesses and families. This rebrand illustrates the company’s integrated offer, covering the full scale of needs of its customers.

Gillian-Alexandre Huart, CEO of ENGIE Energy Access comments : “MySol Grid’s freshly revamped logo clearly depicts the connection between the Solar Home System (SHS) products and mini-grid business; an intertwining of domestic and productive usage.

It also promotes and highlights the uniqueness of our integrated off-grid solutions. We are one step closer to materializing ENGIE Energy Access’s ambition to build MySol solutions into a strong, Panafrican brand, that ensures “Best Solar, Best Life” for all the Africans without access to sustainable and affordable energy.”

As one of the only private companies, ENGIE Energy Access is implementing SHS and Mini-Grids (MG) in an integrated approach: electrifying villages centres through a mini-grid installation and the outskirts with solar home systems.

ENGIE has developed a pipeline of mini-grids to build over the next four years. Beginning of this month, it signed with Crossboundary Energy Access the largest Mini-grid project finance transaction in Africa to build $60M of Mini-Grids in Nigeria.

With the new MySol Grid brand, ENGIE Energy Access is more than ever set to unlocking the economic potential of rural communities across Africa, powering every off-grid energy need.

MySol Grid vIdeo reveal

ABOUT MySol Grid

MySol Grid (formerly ENGIE PowerCorner) started in 2015 as an incubation project within the ENGIE Group. In 2016, ENGIE PowerCorner commissioned its first 16 kWp mini-grid unit in Ketumbeine, a remote village in Northern Tanzania, powering 120 houses and businesses. Ketumbeine’s case demonstrated that decentralised, clean and reliable energy is a viable option in remote rural areas.

Its purpose is to unlock the economic potential of rural communities in Sub-Sahara Africa by enabling and promoting the development of economic activity in these communities.

Its mission is to provide affordable, clean and reliable energy services through renewable off-grid mini-grids to catalyse the economic development of rural communities.


  • 15 MySol Grids in operation in Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda and Nigeria
  • A pipeline of 330 MySol Grids by 2025
  • 6500 households connected to electricity
  • 550 businesses and community infrastructures powered
  • 600 kWp mini-grid on Lolwe Island (with Equatorial Power) awarded MG of the year 2021 (AFSIA)
  • $60M Partnership with CBEA - read more in our release